Anthony J. Parisi, Creator Director


Parisi_headshotWhen you love what you do, it shows in your work. For the past 25+ years as an Art Director & Creative director, Anthony has been loving every minute of it, and it shows. His background in illustration in multiple styles, gives him an edge to quickly execute his concepts and transcend his vision to the target audience in the proper tone.

As a Clio nominated Art Director and Photography Director, Parisi has created and designed numerous logos, web sites, identity pieces, direct mail, packaging, print ads, radio, and television commercials for countless clients in the food, newspaper, travel / hospitality, pharmaceutical industries, sports / entertainment and public service. His well rounded-experience and good nature put clients at ease and make him a pleasure to work with.

As an illustrator, Anthony was the official illustrator for Philadelphia Flyers and 76ers for 3 seasons. He has also illustrated many book covers, children books, magazine article, catalog covers, album covers and frequently exhibits his work in art galleries.

TAM2015_ebook-look-insideThe Athletic Mindset _2015_coverThe Athletic Mindset _2015_cover
Anthony’s relationship with the RITE Academy started when he illustrated and designed Randy Friedman’s 2008 book, “Your Inner Swing, 7 Lessons in Golf and Life” and her second book with Linda Webb, “The Athletic Mindset, 3 Tools for Success” and could not be happier.

“In the creative field, your final execution really shines and stands out in the crowd when you believe in the product, and that is how I feel about the RITE Academy. I believe in it as a vehicle to make changes and to improve our communities.”

Anthony’s abilities are not limited to one form of artistic expression. He is equally comfortable drawing, creating one of his award-winning caricatures, painting, musical composition and performance, photography, and does not see fit to limit his creative impulses to just one area. Anthony’s website speaks for itself!